Civil Litigation
Miller Walker & Austin handles general trial work involving contracts, estate and trust, condemnation, real estate, insurance, admiralty, commercial litigation, collections and personal injury cases in both State and Federal courts.

Business Law
Senior partner, Jerry Miller, has 29 years of experience as a university professor teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses in business law at UNC Charlotte.Our firm assists clients in the formation of business entities including "S" and "C" corporations, limited liability companies, and general and limited partnerships. We represent sellers and purchasers in business acquisitions and mergers, primarily in the areas of manufacturing, petroleum marketing, and service industries. We are general counsel to several German, Italian and Asian manufacturing firms. We also represent a large number of automotivebusinesses.

Family Law
Our firm provides a wide range of personal legal services for families. We prepare Pre-Marital Agreements as well as Separation/Property Settlement Agreements. We also counsel clients with regard to equitable distribution, alimony, post separation support and child support.

Wills, Estate Planning and Estate Administration
Our attorneys help families plan for their future needs by preparing estate plans, wills, living wills, health care powers of attorney and general powers of attorney. When a loved one dies, we can provide estate administration and advise surviving family members in the proper conduct of their financial and business affairs.

Real Property Transactions - Residential and Commercial
We represent buyers, sellers and home builders in transactions ranging from purchasing and selling homes, to representing and advising clients in the planning, financing, construction, selling and leasing of residential and commercial property. We handle lien claims and land use regulatory matters. Our attorneys are approved for all major title insurance companies and lending institutions in the State of North Carolina. Partner, Katie Walker, is licensed to conduct real property transactions in the State of South Carolina.

Traffic Cases
Our firm represents clients in all traffic offenses, including driving while impaired (DWI) and all matters involving licensing and other DMV matters. Partner, Carol Austin, primarily handles our traffic cases.

Personal Injury, Property Damage and Insurance Coverage Matters
We have over 40 years of experience in the areas of insurance settlements of personal injury, property damage, wrongful death claims and interpretation of insurance coverage issues.

Senior partner, Jerry Miller, has an in Federal Income Taxation. Our firm has 40 years of experience in handling disputes before the United States Tax Court and the North Carolina Department of Revenue. We are experienced primarily in the areas of Federal income, estates, and gift taxation, as well as State sales tax matters.

We initiate collection proceedings on commercial accounts, including the perfection of mechanics liens on real property and personal property.